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cc is great!

September 18 + 41
only ‘very cool’? that is freaking paradise!! seriously, amazing screenshots ;)

Heheh, thank you! I did overedit these screenies but it’s also impressive unedited! Still really gorgeous! 

September 17 + 1

Very cool.

September 17 + 81

Dina Caliente looks really pretty in ts4! Nina, on the other hand…

September 04 + 40

Gorgeous NPC.

September 04 + 86

plumbponette replied to your photoset “Let’s make a salad — we won’t use a stove, so what can possibly go…”

She’s so precious

goatsimmer replied to your photo “So adorable. ”

She’s so perfect <333

Thanks! :D She’s cute and silly, so it’s a lot of fun. 

September 02 + 2

Let’s make a salad — we won’t use a stove, so what can possibly go wrong? Just about everything…

Next time, Hyun-Ki will cook. 

September 02 + 71

How cute lol

September 02 + 40

So adorable. 

September 02 + 60


Sometimes the hardest part of moving on is knowing you’ll be okay.

CC went from 26GB to 3GB after a complete reinstall due to game error. Going to take some time to get all stuff back but ^^ a new, clean beginning awaits! 

hoodie by jinglestartk, contacts by eruwen

wow! <3

September 01 + 185

sellasusims3 replied to your photoset “My classes start tomorrow at 1 pm, but I’m going to get TS4 in the…”

aw they look so cute !!!

Thank you :) <3 

September 01 + 1

I should try to remake him in TS4 later…

August 30 + 83